Artificial Intelligence for HVAC in Real Estate

Recogizer is a pioneer for smart, green buildings. We are convinced that green potential lies dormant in every property. As a GreenTech company from Bonn, we reduce the energy consumption of commercial properties using artificial intelligence.

Our innovation: a self-learning system that cuts carbon emissions and controls air conditioning technology in a predictive and demand-oriented manner. With our AI solution energyControl, we support you to operate buildings sustainably, meet ambitious ESG criteria and save energy costs.

From vision to mission
Klimaeffizientes Gebäude
New and unconventional ways are needed
to address climate change.

The use of AI is an important component for sustainable real estate,
in order to achieve ambitious CO₂ targets.

Carsten Kreutze | Managing Director Recogizer

Intelligent energy optimization from Recogizer: energyControl

Dashboard Recogizer Cooling
Energiekosten senken
Reducing CO₂ and energy consumption

28% less energy on average.
100% comfort in all rooms.

Automatisierte Energieoptimierung
Fully automated

Be sure your HVAC system
is running optimal every minute.

KI für Energieoptimierung
Self learning technology

GreenTech made in Germany.
Controls demand-oriented and never quits learning.

Track the performance of your savings:

energyControl is an AI-powered solution that controls HVAC systems predictively and demand-driven.
An intuitive dashboard displays at a glance how your savings are evolving with energyControl: 
From energy consumption to costs to CO₂ emissions.

Reduce CO2. Save 28% energy.
energyControl is doing it all by itself.

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Pays off within the first year of operation
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Digital innovation for your sustainability strategy
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Achieve ESG optimization goals
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Implement easily in your building
Recogizer Group in Bonn

We make buildings smart and green

Rising energy costs are an important competitive factor. Whether offices, hotels or shopping centers: Companies spend up to 60% of their total energy consumption on cooling, heating and ventilating their properties. To save energy pays off - and not only for the climate. The AI solution energyControl can be easily retrofitted to make in buildings climate-friendly.

It doesn't get any smarter than this: With energyControl, your property saves energy and CO2 day after day. Fully Automated.

Upgrade your real estate

ESG criteria are at the top of your agenda? Use AI  to create momentum for a sustainable building portfolio. When you put our digital innovation to work for you, it does cut carbon emissions from real estate every day.

Solutions for real estate portfolios

Savings potential of your building

How much energy and CO2 can artificial intelligence save you? With self-learning technology, you can reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of buildings by an average of 28%. We check for you what potential lies dormant in your property.

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The plus for your sustainability

Your company does pursue ambitious CO2 targets? AI is the perfect building block for your climate strategy: cut carbon emissions of your properties effortlessly. Because saving is better than compensating CO2.

Solution for Sustainability Managers

Recogizer in use - What customers and partners say

Buildings that already leverage their green potential with Recogizer

Numerous customers already rely on energyControl from Recogizer to optimize the energy efficiency of their properties. Successful projects from all relevant asset classes speak for themselves: With the help of AI, we handle everything from large corporate headquarters to buildings with little and older technical equipment - and with the best results.

Reference projects

How much energy can you save?

Based on the use of the building and the technical conditions,
let's see how much green potential lies dormant in your property.

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