Artificial Intelligence for Smart, Green Buildings

Recogizer is a pioneer in smart, green buildings; unleashing the green potential of commercial buildings with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We are an innovative GreenTech Company.

We’re here to help you increase your building’s sustainability with our innovative self-learning system that reduces energy consumption and thereby cuts your CO2 emissions with our predictive Smart Data solution package.

  • Add-on efficiency: A digital twin of the building is created as basis for the self-learning, predictive control.
  • HVAC is optimised and individually tailored to each building’s specifications, achieving a stable room climate at less energy consumption.

Turn your building into a Smart Building and contribute to climate protection—long-term and fully automated.

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20% less energy.
100% comfort.
Avoid CO2 emissions
Reduce energy costs

Why Recogizer?

  •     Innovation for climate-friendly building operation
  •     Easy-to-implement measure for sustainability initiatives
  •     Smart algorithms developed by Recogizer
  •     Unique fusion of artificial intelligence and engineering know-how

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