Artificial intelligence for Green Retail Stores

Reduce energy costs per square meter? It's easy with Recogizer's self-learning technology. HVAC systems account for a significant portion of energy costs in commercial buildings.

Artificial intelligence controls them demand-driven and predictively so they consume 28% less energy on average. And save carbon emissions.

In this way you improve two important competitive factors at once: sustainability for your stores and low operating costs.

Energiekosten reduzieren

Why energy optimization with AI?

  • Technical systems are complex, and personnel resources for ongoing support are scarce. 
  • Due to the focus on day-to-day business, there is often little time for energy issues. 
  • Without AI, future developments during the course of the day are not taken into account.

With energyControl, HVAC technology only consumes as much energy as actually needed every minute. Digital, predictive, without effort for the operator. Perfectly suited for optimizing the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Sustainable stores with the best indoor climate

When you equip your stores with energyControl, they will automatically be operated in a CO2-saving manner. The perfect measure for achieving your climate targets.

And that's not all: the self-learning system ensures the desired indoor climate. Look forward to satisfied customers and employees. 

An example: The fashion company Breuninger had the challenge in its Freiburg store that it was regularly too hot on some floors in summer. With energyControl, the desired temperature target values were permanently achieved, followed by a noticeable decrease in complaints.

Nachhaltige Gebäude im Handel

The ideal solution for:

Department Stores

CO2 sparen im Einzelhandel

Furniture Stores


Shopping Center

CO2-Einsparung Shoppingcenter

Artificial intelligence for HVAC:
automated and self-learning

Dashboard Recogizer Cooling

Self-learning technology reduces the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your buildings. With updates every 15 minutes, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Saving energy is a matter of course.

And energyControl never stops learning: All significant influences on energy demand are constantly incorporated into the control system, such as weather forecasts, the usage situation and opening hours. How many people are currently in the store, and how will this change during the course of the day? Is it an open Sunday with an above-average number of visitors?

The intuitive dashboard keeps you up to date on the energy, costs and CO2 savings achieved at all times.

energyControl for your building

Use energyControl and regulate your air conditioning systems with foresight and needs.

Stores save 28% energy on average with energyControl.

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Reduce CO₂ fully automated
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Innovation for your sustainability strategy
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Noticeably reduce energy costs
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Easy to implement in your building

Self-learning energy optimization:
Your benefits

Reduce energy consumption by an average of 28%

Retail has the second highest energy demand of all commercial properties. Reduce your operating costs now.

Optimierung des Raumklima
Ensure a comfortable climate

energyControl ensures a stable, comfortable indoor climate in all sales zones. For satisfied customers and employees.

Reduzierung der CO₂-Emissionen
Cut CO₂ emissions

One step ahead: meet your customers' expectations on the subject of sustainability. It's an investment for the future.

energyControl - Investition & Amortisierung
Pays off in the first year of operation

The digital approach and rapid savings ensure that your investment pays off very quickly.

Example of a store that realizes its green potential
with energyControl:

Retrofit? Really simple.

Technical requirements can be very different from building to building. Our system is based on the existing building technology. Retrofitting is quick and easy, without interrupting operations. After a short learning phase, energyControl gets the best out of your technical equipment.

3 steps to the smart, green retail building

Potential analysis of your property

We check the potential for CO₂ emissions and energy savings in your property, which we can leverage with our AI-supported solution.

Start of the self-learning control

The path to the green retail building starts with technical monitoring. The digital twin is fed this data to learn the building and system behavior. Retrofitting takes place without interrupting operations. After a short learning phase and modeling with the help of AI, energyControl takes over the predictive control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Optimized, AI-supported control of your plants

Sit back and relax: Your technical systems are now controlled demand-driven and optimized every 15 minutes. Fully automated. The requirements for your comfortable climate are always focused on. As the basis of energyControl, the individual framework conditions of your building are taken into account: Temperatures in individual parts of the building, shifts, occupancy schedules, the needs of employees and customers, as well as specific requirements, e.g. during a pandemic.

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How much energy can you save?

Based on the use of the building and the technical conditions,
let's see how much green potential lies dormant in your property.

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