Vodafone Campus Reduces Energy Consumption with Recogizer

15.03.2022 by Kerstin Fischer
  • Recogizer is part of many ESG strategies to reduce carbon emissions
  • Vodafone headquarter with 85,000 sqm cuts HVAC energy consumption by 23 percent powered by Recogizer's AI

Net-Zero by 2045: Currently, pressure on property owners and real estate managers increases to achieve sustainability goals and operate ESG-compliant. Companies are faced with questions of practical implementation: What are the initiatives companies use to significantly cut their carbon footprint? Experience is proving: Digital climate technologies have an enormous impact to accelerate decarbonisation.

Vodafone has set goals high: the company wants to be climate-neutral as early as 2025. To get there, Vodafone  relies on AI technologies for the control of indoor climate, which enable a high level of comfort for employees and at the same time protect the environment. One component of the comprehensive sustainability strategy for the Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf is Recogizer's predictive control. 23 percent of the energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning was reduced in Düsseldorf by the self-learning technology.

Overview & Technical Details of the Property

  • Floor space: 85,000 m² in 4 buildings
  • Employees: approx. 4,600 workplaces
  • Building from 2012
  • Complex energy park
  • Well equipped with presence and temperature sensors

Results at a Glance:

Referenz Verbrauchsoptimierung

Energy savings

Referenz Energieeinsparung

5,5 Gigawatt hours

Optimierung des Raumklima

Stable feel-good climate
at 23°C

So far, the 85,000 sqm office campus saved 5.5 gigawatt hours of energy - equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 300 households. At the same time, the intelligent algorithm ensures that the indoor temperature is constantly at a comfortable 23°C. Even though the workspaces are not very crowded during the pandemic, an optimal indoor climate must be ensured at all times.

For the joint project, Recogizer was nominated as Top 3 for the Immobilienmanager Award 2022 in the sustainability category.

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