Self-learning control for energy efficient buildings

energyControl: Our cutting-edge self-learning technology enhances indoor climate while reducing energy consumption. Our AI-driven system minimizes HVAC energy consumption and cuts your building’s CO₂ footprint. 24/7.

Effortlessly upgrade your office, retail, hotel, university, or other commercial spaces with our intelligent solution.

Streamline your path to green building certifications.     
We cover a whole range of essential criteria for certifications, including GRESB and DGNB.

Energieoptimierung für Immobilien
building portfolio - energy monitoring

28% less energy consumption on average

Reduce your energy costs reliably and sustainably with a revolutionary data-driven solution. On average, our clients achieve a remarkable 28% reduction energy consumption for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Experience automated energy savings without burdening your operations or facility management teams.

energyControl unleashs the power of data-driven efficiency and takes your HVAC technology to the next level.

Reference projects

Cut CO₂ footprint. Achieve ESG targets swiftly.

In the quest for climate protection, the most potent approach is to eliminate kilowatt hours before even considering emissions offsetting.

Are you committed to ambitious sustainability objectives and ESG principles? Count on energyControl to realize verifiable savings to ensure your journey toward sustainability is both impactful and measurable. Results seamlessly contribute to your ESG reporting.

Our solution for ESG Managers
CO2 Reduzierung
energyControl digital Twin

Unlock your building’s green potential

Navigating the intricate web of technical systems in large buildings can be a daunting task. With diverse variables impacting energy needs, our advanced AI takes care of the the complexity. energyControl connects the dots, amplifies data streams with predictions, and intuitively adapts to your property's unique behaviors and HVAC systems.

At every moment, energyControl is fine-tuning your energy supply, with updates delivered to your HVAC technology every 15 minutes. Beyond your building's operational data, we continually factor in various key influences on energy consumption:

  • Real-time weather data
  • Occupancy insights
  • Usage patterns and opening hours
  • Customer traffic dynamics
  • Complex infrastructure considerations
  • And much more

The time is now: Transform your real estate for a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

Check savings potential

The perfect performance check

Our intuitive, easy-to-use customer portal gives you an overview of the saving performance of your building. It provides transparency across all your properties.

Find your energy and consumption data clearly visualized. 

At a glance, it shows you exactly how much energy, costs and CO2 emissions you have saved with energyControl, compared to standard operation mode. 

Additional functionalities:

  • Powerful analytics, including automatic KPI calculating
  • Central dashboard with KPIs 
  • Visualization of time series trends 
  • Individual evaluations 
  • Overview of larger portfolios 
  • Access and user management including rights and role model
energyControl Funktionen
Dashboard Recogizer Cooling

28% energy savings on average.
With energyControl all by itself.

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Reduce CO2 footprint
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Improve room climate and user comfort
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Fast track to ESG goals

Preserving real estate value – certify your buildings

Our system provides a whole range of mandatory specifications within the scope of certifications.

The service has been approved by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and is taken into consideration for the scoring of building certifications such as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

  • You can achieve DGNB Silver status just by using RECOGIZER.
  • Up to 53.3% compliance rate.
  • Can be combined with other certification measures.

Building certification is often part of an ESG journey. It helps to maintain the value of real estate and reduce the risk of devaluation.

Your Vision, Our Expert Engineers

Not only do we provide the best technology in the market: At the core of our service is a team of exceptionally talented engineers. They collaborate closely with your technical service providers, guaranteeing truly exceptional customer service.

  • Support with individual requests, data analysis, technical monitoring and reporting
  • Support of the technical facility management with remote troubleshooting & proactive technical anomaly reporting
  • Deep knowledge of local conditions such as usage habits, building and HVAC system characteristics, evolution of the technical system over time
  • Meeting the needs of individual tenants and customers

Each client is assigned a dedicated contact person and a personal consultant.

Instantly practicable OpEX measure

The digital approach and speedy go-live make sure your investment pays off quickly. Benefit from flexible contract models and an ROI in well under 2 years.

Within a few months, significant savings are achieved by our solution.

Solution for Asset Managers
Energie- & Klimaoptimierung Gewerbeimmobilien

Pleasant Climate Come Rain or Shine

Not only does energyControl constantly keep an eye on energy efficiency, but also creates the perfect indoor climate at any time.

Intelligent forecasts provide exactly as much heating, cooling and fresh air as required for an optimal indoor climate, with as little energy input as possible. As a result, energyControl keeps the air quality stable within your individual target range.

In doing so, you support ESG's "social" side.

How we assist a German fashion retailer to achieve the ideal indoor climate

The perfect extension for your building automation

With energyControl, you get the most out of your technical systems. The solution is based on the respective building automation level and supplements it by looking ahead.

Does your building have an automation level with standardized interfaces? Then you can easily upgrade.

For this purpose, the Secure Cloud Connector is connected to the building technology via standard communication protocols in order to start a detailed monitoring. In the second step, predictive control of the HVAC systems kicks off, tailored to the building.

Technical requirements: 

  • Building automation level (automation stations DDCs/building control system)
  • Energy meter data from HVAC systems

Supported standard communication protocol of the BMS: 

  • BACnet/IP 
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ether-S-Bus (SAIA Bus)
  • OPC-UA

3 steps to smart, green real estate

We analyse the potential of your property

First we check the potential for saving CO₂ emissions and energy in your buildings, which we can leverage with our AI-supported solution.

Connection to the cloud, start of self-learning control

Your HVAC systems are connected to energyControl. After a short training phase with the help of AI, energyControl takes over the predictive control of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Retrofitting is more than simple and takes place without interrupting operation.

Proven savings are realized automatically

HVAC systems are now controlled according to demand. Recogizer saves energy and CO₂ emissions are achieved automatically. Reliable evidence of this can be securely transferred to your reporting.