Energy Optimization With Artificial Intelligence

energyControl is a self-learning technology that improves indoor climate comfort while reducing energy consumption. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Our artificial intelligence cuts energy consumption of your HVAC systems by 28% on average, without manual effort for the operator. Upgrade your existing buildings quickly and with ease. The smart solution for office and retail buildings, hotels, universities and other commercial properties.

Energieoptimierung für Immobilien

Where does the green potential of your HVAC technology hide?

  • Personnel resources for ongoing support of technical systems are scarce.
  • Air-conditioning systems are adjusted once during commissioning - and often not adjusted later.
  • Existing systems may be oversized.
  • Existing data is not often used to help control the systems.
  • By default, HVAC technology operates purely based on measured values and cannot use forecasts.
  • Investments in energy efficiency measures are often expensive and require reconstructions.

Take the smart way:
Let energyControl optimize your HVAC technology.
Fully automated and with the help of AI.

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Self-learning technology
for green real estate

Correlations among technical systems in large buildings are often complex, and specific energy requirements are dependent on many variables. AI links these together, enhances data streams with forecasts and learns the behavior of the property and HVAC systems.

At any time, energyControl adapts the energy supply to your building, the current occupancy and weather forecasts. In addition to the building's operating data, all relevant factors influencing energy consumption are constantly incorporated:

  • Weather data
  • Occupancy data
  • Use and opening hours
  • Complex plant contexts
  • and much more

With energyControl, your HVAC technology receices updates every 15 minutes and gets taken care of via energy-efficient and predictive control. This reduces your energy consumption by 28% on average, CO₂ gets cut significantly.

Automated learning:

The system never stops learning: Energy demand is precisely forecasted and directly controlled. Fully automated.

Demand-driven control:

With energyControl, your property uses minimum energy for maximun indoor comfort at any given time.

Retrofit made easy:

Our AI builds on existing systems in the building. We integrate energyControl with minimum effort, during ongoing operation.

Save 28% energy.
Effortlessly with energyControl.

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Demand-driven control at any time, 24/7
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Always on top: Updates every 15 minutes
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Innovation for your sustainability strategy
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Easily implement in your building

The perfect fit for your commercial real estate:

Energieoptimierung für Bürogebäude

Office building

From office complex to administration building: We reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings. For the best climate in the workplace.

AI solution for offices
Energieoptimierung für Handelsgebäude

Retail stores

From furniture to textile retailers to shopping centers: Save energy costs and CO2 with a small investment of time and resources.

AI solution for retail
Energieoptimierung für Bildungseinrichtungen

Schools / Universities

Unleash the enormous energy and CO2 savings potential of your school or university. Best air quality for an optimal learning environment included.

AI solution for schools & universites
Energieoptimierung für Hotels


Your path to a smart and green hotel: 
Our AI solution makes sure you are
having the perfect indoor climate at all times.

AI solution for hotels
Energieoptimierung für Industrieobjekte

Industrial object

A clever energy optimization n needed for your production and manufacturing halls? You have come to the right place.

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Energieoptimierung für Gewerbeimmobilien

Other commercial real estate

Are you the owner or manager of a different commercial property? We will find you an individual solution for cutting CO2 emissions.

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Self-learning energyControl: How you benefit

Reduce energy consumption by 28% on average

Reduce your energy costs, reliably and permanently. energyControl takes your HVAC technology to a new level of efficiency - with no effort on your end.

Reduzierung der CO₂-Emissionen
Cut CO₂ emissions

Ambitious sustainability goals? An innovative, predictive solution which reduces your building's CO2 footprint as easy as never before.

energyControl - Investition & Amortisierung
Pays off in the first year of operation

The digital approach and speedy go-live make sure your investment pays off quickly.

Optimierung des Raumklima
Improved indoor climate

Enjoy a pleasant room climate and satisfied employees and customers. Room temperature, humidity and air quality are kept stable within the target range.

Ongoing optimization:
Updates every 15 minutes

energyControl controls HVAC technology according to demand and adapts flexibly to external and internal conditions at all times.

The optimal control strategy is provided every 15 minutes. Fully automated. This ensures that the building is optimally controlled at all times. On request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All you have to do is define your desired framework conditions for the entire building or individual climate zones - energyControl takes care of everything else. Fully automated.

Energieoptimierung der Klimatechnik
energyControl digital Twin

The Digital Twin for your building

energyControl learns the building’s and system’s behaviour within the respective climatic and occupancy situations by creating a Digital Twin. The Twin constitutes a virtual copy of a physical building and its technical equipment. It's the key to precise energy forecasts.

Data is at the center of it all: In the initial learning and monitoring phase, energyControl collects consumption data and extracts valuable information from it to feed the Twin.

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Pleasant Climate Come Rain or Shine

Not only does energyControl constantly keep an eye on energy efficiency, but also creates the perfect indoor climate at any time.

Intelligent forecasts provide exactly as much heating, cooling and fresh air as required for an optimal indoor climate, with as little energy input as possible. As a result, energyControl keeps the air quality stable within your individual target range.

Energie- & Klimaoptimierung Gewerbeimmobilien
CO2 Reduzierung

Last but not least:
Doing good for our planet

The most effective climate protection is kilowatt hours that are not consumed in the first place - before any emissions offsetting. Has your company set ambitious climate targets? Enhance your sustainability strategy with the most innovative technology to noticeably cut CO2 emissions in buildings. 

Your CO2 savings performance at a glance:
the Recogizer Portal

Dashboard Recogizer Cooling

With our customer portal, you have your achieved savings in eyesight and transparency across all properties.
Find your energy and consumption data clearly visualized.

At a glance, it shows you exactly how much energy, costs and CO2 emissions you have saved
compared to regular operation without energyControl - weather-adjusted of course.

Why AI from Recogizer
for CO2 reduction?

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Self-learning digital technology

Set up quickly, save always.

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Fully automated

Reduces CO₂ and energy without effort.

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ESG Measures

supported by AI

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Real-time monitoring

on consumption and operation of HVAC technology.

With energyControl You'll Get:

  • Predictive, self-learning control of air-conditioning systems
  • Optimization in 15-minute intervals, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Forecast-based, adaptive optimization strategy
  • Active control of defined variables
  • Inclusion of building-specific framework conditions
  • Compliance with defined framework conditions, e.g. air quality, room temperature bands
  • Continuous adaptation of the control algorithm to the usage situation of the building
  • Overview of system status, consumption and savings, to be viewed in the customer portal
  • Monitoring of the necessary operating and consumption data for your HVAC systems
  • Real-time monitoring of technical systems
  • Implementation during operation
Monitoring Energy Consumption & -savings
energyControl Funktionen

The Recogizer Portal:
Additional features

The customer portal also provides an overview of all collected plant operating data and energy consumption. Use the extensive analysis options, e.g. the automated calculation of key figures. In just a few steps, you can visualize individual time series.

  • Web-based, secure access to plant data
  • Intuitive, clear user interface
  • Central dashboard with key performance indicators
  • Visualization of time series trends
  • Creation of individual evaluations
  • Overview of larger portfolios
  • Access and user management including rights and role model

The perfect extension of your building automation

With energyControl, you get the most out of your technical systems. The solution is based on the respective building automation level and supplements it by looking ahead.

Does your building have an automation level with standardized interfaces? Then you can easily upgrade. 

For this purpose, the ControlBox is connected to the building technology via standard interfaces such as BACnet, Modbus or OPC UA in order to start a detailed monitoring. In the second step, predictive control of the HVAC systems kicks off, tailored to the building.

Technical requirements:
  • Building automation level (automation stations DDCs/building control system)
  • Energy meter data from HVAC systems
Supported standard
interfaces of the BMS:
  • BACnet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ether-S-Bus (SAIA Bus)
  • OPC-UA

Manuel Gerlach

Head of Sales


+49 228 299 745 80

3 steps to smart, green real estate

Potential analysis of your property

We check the potential for CO₂ emissions and energy savings in your properties, which we can leverage with our AI-supported solution.

Start of the self-learning control

The path to your green property starts with technical monitoring. The digital twin of the buildings is being fed this data to learn the building and system behavior. Simple retrofitting takes place without interrupting operation. After a short learning phase with the help of AI, energyControl takes over the predictive control of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Optimized, AI-supported control

Your technical systems are controlled according to demand and optimized every 15 minutes. Fully automated. The individual framework conditions of your buildings flow into energyControl as a basis: Temperatures in individual parts of the building, shifts, occupancy schedules, the needs of employees and customers, and specific requirements.

How much energy can you save?

Based on the use of the building and the technical conditions,
let's see how much green potential lies dormant in your property.

Check your savings potential