How Breuninger Stores Cut Their Carbon Footprint with energyControl

01.02.2022 by Kerstin Fischer

In times of growing climate awareness, sustainable and innovative technologies are becoming increasingly important for retail buildings. Breuninger is a fashion and lifestyle company with a total of 11 stores. Breuninger is therefore committed to exemplary targets in its sustainability strategy: In the building sector, all properties under Breuninger's control are to be CO2-neutral by 2025.

To achieve this major goal, Breuninger chose a digital and innovative sustainability measure and equipped its store in Freiburg with the self-learning technology energyControl. By this they permanently and automatically reduce the property's carbon footprint.

Breuninger Freiburg, Department Store

Facts Breuninger Freiburg:

  • Built in 1975
  • Usable space for retail: 13.401 m²
  • 6 sales floors
  • 17 climate zones

What was the goal for implementing energyControl?

  • Significantly and permanently reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning systems
  • Improve the indoor climate in the sales zones across all floors

What was the particular challenge?

The challenge of the project has been very high room temperatures in the past, especially during summer months.
With temperature differences of up to 6° Celsius on different sales floors, comfort for staff and customers suffered and there was a high number of complaints about the room climate.

Results at a glance:

Referenz Verbrauchsoptimierung

Energy savings

Referenz CO2-Einsparung


Optimierung des Raumklima

Room climate stabilized
on all floors

This was achieved with the AI solution energyControl:

  • 28 % energy and CO₂ savings
    Already within the first two years of operation, 28 % savings in thermal energy consumption have been achieved. And the trend is rising.
  • Improved indoor climate throughout the building
    The desired temperature target values in summer were achieved on all floors for the first time, staff and customers are satisfied: there was a noticeable decrease in complaints and thus relief for the technical staff.
  • Payback 9 months after start of operation
    Thanks to the data-driven approach, the investment paid back very quickly.
  • Monitoring
    Technical problems of the air-conditioning systems are detected early and can be corrected.
  • Transparency on system operation
    For the first time, the customer receives a complete overview of running systems and energy consumption.

EHI Energy Management Award

For the innovative character of the project and considerable savings, the store in Freiburg was awarded the EHI Energiemanagent Award as a "sustainable and energy-efficient store". The award honors Recogizer as technology partner as Top Supplier Retail 2020.

More about energyControl

energyControl is a self-learning technology that improves climate comfort in properties. It cuts carbon emissions as well as tjhe energy consumption, fully automated. To achieve the best control strategy, energyControl learns the building behaviour, and takes weather forecasts and occupancy data into account. Through AI your HVAC systems are controlled predictively and demand-driven.

More about energyControl

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