Office Building Reduces 31% Energy Through AI Optimization

26.10.2021 by Kerstin Fischer

Real estate represents 120 million tons of CO2 emissions in Germany in 2020. Accordingly, this sector plays a relevant role in achieving the overarching goal of climate neutrality by 2045, and a major lever lies with existing properties. Measures for CO2 reduction in buildings that can be implemented quickly and easily are necessary because the pressure is growing with regard to ambitious climate targets. Digital solutions for optimized building operation are an important key to putting buildings on the decarbonization path.

A practical example:
In this office building from 1989, significant energy and CO2 savings can be achieved despite somewhat older technical equipment. With the AI-supported energyControl system, noticeable savings are achieved in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Major conversion measures were not necessary for this, because the green potential is almost completely data-based. The results are impressive.

Facts About the Office Property, Near Frankfurt a.M.:

  • Existing building from 1989
  • Multi-tenant property with 2 major tenants
  • 27.968 m² area
  • 850 employees on site

What Was the Goal of Using energyControl?

  • Significantly reduce the energy consumption of the air-conditioning systems.
  • Noticeably reduce the CO2 footprint of the existing building.
  • Improve the indoor climate across all floors and achieve a stable temperature level.

Were There Any Particular Challenges?

  • The energy consumption per m² was comparatively high.
  • Cooling is provided exclusively by the ventilation systems.
  • Significant comfort issues: one floor was always too cold.

Results at a Glance:

Referenz Verbrauchsoptimierung

Energy savings

Referenz CO2-Einsparung

Reduced CO₂

Optimierung des Raumklima

Improved indoor climate
on all floors

This was achieved with the AI solution energyControl:

  • 31% CO2 and energy reduction
    Already since the beginning of the project, permanently high savings have been achieved. The 31% are saved in thermal energy consumption; CO2 is reduced accordingly.
  • Well-being in the entire building 
    The desired temperatures were permanently stabilized on all floors and a constant feel-good climate was achieved for employees, customers and guests throughout the building. 
  • Permanent system monitoring
    Technical problems of the air-conditioning systems will be detected at an early stage and can be eliminated.
  • Transparency on system operation
    Operators and tenants receive full transparency on system operation and energy consumption.

More about energyControl

energyControl is a self-learning technology that improves climate comfort in properties. It cuts carbon emissions as well as tjhe energy consumption, fully automated. To achieve the best control strategy, energyControl learns the building behaviour, and takes weather forecasts and occupancy data into account. Through AI your HVAC systems are controlled predictively and demand-driven.

More about energyControl

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