REAL Prop Tech 2021: Highlights & Statements

20.09.2021 by Kerstin Fischer

Two packed days full of great insights. We have summarized exciting statements that have stuck in our minds and that provide a good insight into the current challenges, but also great opportunities, of the real estate industry:

  • The topic of ESG is, of course, on everyone's mind and it is impossible to imagine the landscape without it. Sarah Schlesinger introduced the conference's motto, THINK 2030, with this:
    "ESG, a buzzword that gives meaning to digitalization, a meaningful momentum, because it produces a crisis, produces a pressure that we are finally opening up to in order to preserve the future for those who are yet to come after us."
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander von Erdély, CEO of CBRE posed the following question to Real PropTech in his keynote:
    "What is the climate-changing footprint of the real estate industry, how do we get it neutral? And how fast and by what means?"
  • Aygül Özkan, executive director of the ZIA, addressed the challenges the industry faces and provided food for thought:
    "We need a technology-open and technology-friendly environment. In this context, we need to leverage the potential in the building sector in particular, for example, by using digitalization for efficient building operation, the integration of renewable energies or the economic efficiency enhancement of plant technology."
  • There were also exciting insights into digitalization in the panel discussion "Digital World - Better World? The relevance of digitalization in E, S and G" with Dr. Jochen Keysberg FRICS, CEO of Apleona:
    "How sustainable a property is, plays an increasingly important role for investors and users. A key player in achieving ESG goals is integrated building management."
  • Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens of KPMG Real Estate, the moderator of this panel, summed up very fittingly:
    "ESG comes at a time when our technological-digital evolution allows us to actually implement these three important components for a better world in the real estate industry."
  • Dr. Alexander Hellmuth, Senior Partner at Ernest & Young, presented the core results of this year's digitalization study of the real estate industry by EY Real Estate and the ZIA:
    "The ESG goals that need to be realized are unthinkable without digitalization." On trends in the real estate industry, he said, "Digital technologies and applications represent the key to professional ESG management."
  • Prof. Dr. Verena Rock moderated the panel "Smart & Healthy Buildings - The contribution of PropTechs & established real estate industry for more sustainability & the role of data". She introduces the conversation as follows:
    "There are statistics that say that 20% of the energy optimization we want to achieve in Germany alone could happen through smart networking in the building."
  • Carsten Kreutze of Recogizer emphasized in this discussion:
    "Solutions for existing properties are needed and actively demanded to put them on a decarbonization path, and to do so demonstrably and as low-investment as possible. The awareness in the market is there to do something, as there is pressure from outside as well as the will to change something. That's a massive shift that we're seeing."

You can listen to and watch the content you missed online. Now all that remains is to say: Happy to have been there & thank you for all the good conversations & suggestions!

Kerstin Fischer is the driving force behind Recogizer’s marketing strategy. She has more than 15 years of experience in communication for digital technology. With her authentic and motivating communication approach, she inspires the real estate industry to leverage the great potential of digital solutions for a better climate.

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