GreenTech for a happy climate: The story behind Recogizer

10.09.2020 by Kerstin Fischer

In the last couple years, the push for climate change has made leaps and bounds. With more and more businesses pioneering green initiatives and activism from young voices like Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future, technology is finally catching up to the desire and need for sustainability.

When computers and GPUs became more affordable, their computing power increased dramatically. And we saw this as our opportunity to develop self-learning algorithms that would prove economical and effective. We wanted to pioneer this technology back in 2014, and we did so before discussions of climate change were huge. energyControl was not invented in a garage like a typical startup. But in its early days it was a completely novel and groundbreaking idea. 

We saw that there was already a certain degree of connectivity in buildings. Spaces are now becoming equipped with sensors and various control technologies, giving property managers and landlords access to more and more data. But that data is seldom obtained or made use of. In fact, most air-conditioning systems in commercial spaces don’t run optimally. That’s money and energy wasted year after year.

We wanted that to change. 

So we turned our attention to helping to optimise the silent CO2 giants: commercial property. After all, they account for 36 % of the total building energy consumption in all of Germany. With all of this new technology at our fingertips, it became clear to us that automation with AI is the best way forward. 

First based in a start-up business centre in Bonn, we had little space but tons of pioneering spirit back in 2014. The first few years were all about research and development efforts to find a solution for this side of the energy crisis. Our vision: provide buildings with a "brain" that has the ability to self-regulate and save energy without a human touch. 

Just one year later the first success came along: our pilot project together with the well-known building automation firm, Kieback & Peter. It was the beginning of our partnership that helped us solidify our place in the market.

It was time to bring on more know-how on board.

With new young and talented data scientists, IT developers and engineers joining the team from all over the country, we finally upgraded to a new space right on the Rhine. And we found our new home at Bonner Bogen.

Since then, our family has continued to grow, along with our partner network. And we couldn’t be happier with our growth and success thus far. We are delighted to welcome our newest partner, Apleona, who is pushing for more digitalisation in real estate with great commitment.  

We know that artificial intelligence for a better climate has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses can become sustainable enough to set ambitious CO2 targets for themselves and make commercial space cleaner for the environment. At Recogizer, we envisage every commercial building in Germany and throughout all of Europe to be using green energy and automation.

We see this going far beyond existing commercial properties as the future of building a greener world. Giving current property developers and landlords the tools to reduce their carbon footprint in existing buildings is just as important, and often overlooked.

We are proud to be pioneers of sustainability in Germany and throughout Europe. And we think this is just the beginning of a greener future for us all. 

* Source: dena Gebäudereport 2019

Kerstin Fischer is the driving force behind Recogizer’s marketing strategy. She has more than 15 years of experience in communication for digital technology. With her authentic and motivating communication approach, she inspires the real estate industry to leverage the great potential of digital solutions for a better climate.

Kerstin Fischer | Marketing & PR

Kerstin Fischer, Mitarbeiterin bei Recogizer

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