3 Steps to an Energy-Efficient Building

energyControl is a self-learning system that improves comfort in buildings and at the same time reduces energy consumption. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Until your building is fully automated and saves energy in the long run, there are three steps:

1. Pre-Analysis & Offer

We analyse your building: air-conditioning equipment, building automation and building data. Then you will receive an offer.

2. Training Phase and Start of Control

The Recogizer ControlBox had been installed; the monitoring starts. We create a Digital Twin, specifically for your building. With this, energyControl starts to get trained, getting to know the building and system behaviour more and more and prepares itself perfectly for regular operation.

3. Efficient Plant Operation

According to your requirements energyControl takes over predictive control. From now on you are permanently reducing your energy consumption. The self-learning system continuously improves itself completely automated. No manual intervention by the operator is required.

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