Intelligent Energy Monitoring

Energy Management for HVAC Systems

Recogizer's monitoring system oversees air-conditioning systems and is vital for smooth and efficient operation. The performance and operating data relevant for energyControl are recorded and stored in real time, e.g. room temperatures, air quality or flow temperatures. This ensures transparency about your properties and is the starting point for more energy efficiency.

Step One: Collect Data.
Step Two: Automated Savings.

The self-learning control system relies on intelligent algorithms that make data from daily building operations usable.
The collected data from the monitoring is transferred to the learning phase of energyControl together with information from the technical building equipment, enriched with external data streams such as weather. Fully automated.

Data Collection in Real Time:

Operational data

e.g. Flow and return temperatures, damper positions, air quality, room temperatures

Energy consumption data

Electricity, gas, oil, district heating

Other data sources

e.g. Occupancy data / customer frequency data 

With Recogizer's Monitoring, You'll Have: 

  • Recording of necessary operating and consumption data for air-conditioning systems
  • Real-time monitoring of technical systems
  • Visibility of peak loads
  • Limit value and fault monitoring with alarming
  • Analysis and evaluation of operating data in the energyPortal

The Perfect Success Control for Your Savings

Overview the savings you have achieved with energyControl at any time. The energy-saving dashboard shows at a glance the current status of savings in energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions compared to control without energyControl - weather-adjusted, of course.
The investment in energyControl pays for itself after only a short time - and with a glance at the energyPortal you can regularly check the performance.

Overview at Any Given Moment

The energyPortal visualises your energy and consumption data clearly and intuitively. You have a comprehensive overview and transparency across all properties.
You also have an overview of the relevant data on the move and can access it via mobile devices. Web-based and via a secure connection

Features of the energyPortal

  • Savings dashboard with the most important key figures of savings with energyControl: costs, kWh, CO2
  • Energy Consumption with and without energyControl in Comparison
  • Visualization of operating data on time series
  • Versatile, configurable trend analyses e.g. temperature curves
  • Backup of relevant monitoring data
  • Export of data as CSV
  • Access and user management
  • Intelligent alarm management (SMS, e-mail)

Your Benefits with Energy Monitoring

Active monitoring of air conditioning systems

Early detection of faults in the system or individual components

Investment protection of the systems

Transparency on consumption and operation

Clear and easy-to-use interface

Comparability of large buildings

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