AI for Green Real Estate Portfolios

Investor interest in sustainable real estate is growing strongly worldwide. Artificial intelligence paves the way to climate-neutral real estate that meets high ESG requirements.

With Recogizer's data-based energy optimization, you directly reduce carbon emissions in your portfolio by 15-30%. For long-term value development and sustainable portfolios.

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High-Tech for your ESG Journey

By going high-tech with AI, you put your portfolios at the forefront of your industry, in climate action and innovation. Let energyControl work for you to help meet ambitious ESG targets.

Achieve the highest sustainability performance with AI. With savings already within the first year of operation.

The smart upgrade for your portfolios

The fact that we rely on data from start to finish means enormous efficiency for you at all levels:

  • CO2 reduction from the very beginning
  • Quick and easy implementation according to ESG specifications
  • Cut CO2 footprint automatically
  • Scalable and ready for global rollouts

The best smart energy optimization solution for HVAC puts your properties on a successful path towards carbon neutrality.

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The power of AI reduces CO₂ in real estate both quickly and effectively.

Nothing is more important than to act fast. This hands us a ground-breaking tool for a highly successful decarbonization path.

Carsten Kreutze | Managing Director Recogizer Group GmbH

Energieoptimierung für Gebäudekomplexe

Reduce carbon footprint with AI: energyControl

The self-learning technology energyControl cuts  CO2 emissions and energy consumption of your properties, fully  automated. Energy efficiency becomes a matter of course. With updates every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. At the same time, the best indoor climate is ensured.

The system never stops learning: All significant influences on energy demand are constantly incorporated into the control of HVAC technology, such as weather forecasts, the usage and occupancy situation. Track CO2 savings achieved at any time via an intuitive dashboard for complelling presentation.

The digital innovation that reduces CO₂. Quickly and efficiently.

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Reduce CO₂ directly by 15-30% in your portfolio
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Innovation for your sustainability strategy
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Reduce portfolio risks
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Easy to implement in existing buildings

The intelligent sustainability solution: How you benefit

Cut CO₂ by 15-30% in existing buildings

Achieve an extraordinary climate impact. Fast and completely automated.

Reduzierung der CO₂-Emissionen
Minimize ESG risks with AI

Add climate-friendly AI to your ESG strategy and make your portfolios even more attractive to investors.

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Position yourself as a pioneer in your industry.

Take advantage of the technological edge and make your portfolios future-proof .

Retrofit? Very simple.

Whether office or retail buildings or other commercial properties: The system is based on the existing building technology. Based on technical monitoring, energyControl learns the building and system behavior. After the short learning phase, AI gets the best out of the air-conditioning systems and takes over the predictive control.

We first examine the potential for saving CO2 emissions and energy in your real estate portfolios.

Let energyControl work for you automatically: The HVAC systems are controlled demand-driven and optimized every 15 minutes. 

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Buildings that already leverage their green potential with energyControl

Numerous customers already rely on energyControl from Recogizer to optimize the energy efficiency of their properties. Successful projects from all relevant asset classes speak for themselves: With the help of AI, we handle everything from large corporate headquarters to buildings with little and older technical equipment - and with the best results.

Reference projects

How much CO₂ do you save?

Based on the use of the building and the technical conditions,
let's see how much green potential lies dormant in your property.

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