Energy Efficiency for Retail Stores

When it comes to energy demand, the retail sector is the second highest user compared to all commercial properties. With already razor thin margins, reducing energy usage and lowering operating costs can make or break a retail store. 

Un addition to lighting, air-conditioning systems account for a considerable proportion of energy costs for retail buildings and account for between one and two percent of net sales. In addition, the proportion of existing buildings is high. 80% of retail buildings were built before 1978.

  • The technical facilities are complex and personnel resources are scarce for the ongoing support. Due to the focus on day-to-day and core business, there is often little time for energy issues.
  • The proportion of rent in large-area chain stores is 83%. If the building is not owned by the retailer, it can be difficult for the landlord to implement energy-saving renovation measures.

Lower Your Energy Costs Now.

Save time and resources with artificial intelligence.

Sustainability: Your Competitive Factor

Sustainable, energy-efficient operating concepts are playing an increasingly important role, especially for large retailers. After all, customers also expect ecological, climate-conscious action and can thus be influenced in their consumer behaviour. In addition to all the other challenges, retailers also have to prove themselves on the subject of climate protection.

Due to the traditionally high competitive pressure in retail, innovative efficiency measures can make the decisive difference: by using artificial intelligence you can achieve significant savings with manageable investments.

Our Solution:
Automated Reduction of Energy Consumption

energyControl is a self-learning system for your air-conditioning technology. energyControl improves comfort in buildings and at the same time reduces energy consumption by more than 20%. The alternative to building refurbishment and the modernisation of technical systems.

It learns more and more through artificial intelligence. In addition to system and building data, weather forecasts, customer frequency and the retailer's requirements are also taken into account. The virtual system optimizer provides the optimum control strategy for the technical systems every 15 minutes - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Energy consumption is optimized predictively
  • In harmony with the best indoor climate
  • Installation during normal business hours
  • Fully automated
  • Ideal for existing buildings


energyControl Is Ideal for:

Shopping Center

Department Stores

Furniture Stores

Benefits for Your Stores

Reduce Energy Consumption by More Than 20%

The retail sector has the second highest energy demand of all commercial properties. Lower your operating costs now.

Ensure a Comfortable Climate


energyControl ensures a stable, comfortable indoor climate in all sales zones. For happy customers and employees.

Avoid CO2 Emissions


One step ahead: Meet your customers' sustainability expectations. An investment in the future. 

Quick Amortisation


Due to the data-based approach, only a small investment is sufficient. The best solution for rental properties.

Department Store in Freiburg: energyControl Successfully in Action

To the building:

  • Built in 1975
  • Department Store
  • Usable area for trade: 13.401 m2
  • 6 sales floors

Existing technology:

  • 2 gas boilers
  • 2 chillers
  • 4 ventilation systems in the sales areas for heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Room air technology with heat recovery
  • 17 climate zones

Energy consumption without energyControl:

  • Heating: 552,055 kWh gas
  • Ventilation: 586,077 kWh electricity
  • Cooling: 158,277 kWh electricity

Goals for energyControl in the building:

1. Permanently reduce the energy consumption of HVAC technology.

2. Significantly improve the indoor climate in sales zones across all floors.

Challenge of the project:

In the past, very high room temperatures were repeatedly experienced on all floors, especially in summer. With temperature differences of 6° Celsius on the different floors, the comfort suffered and there was a corresponding number of complaints about the room climate.


  • In the first year, savings of already 20% were achieved for HVAC.
  • For the first time the desired for the indoor temperatures in summer have been achieved, followed by a significantly less complaints. 
  • The project amortized only 9 months after control started.
  • Technical problems of the HVAC system are detected at early stage and could be solved immediately.
  • For the first time, the customer has full transparency regarding system operation.

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