Energy Efficiency with AI for Retail Stores

The retail sector has a huge energy demand per square meter. Therefore, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs can make a huge difference in the profit margin ratio. However, with almost 80 of the retail building stock being 40 years or older, energy efficiency or climate consciousness is hard to find.  

Next to lighting, HVAC systems hold the biggest share of energy costs—usually accounting to somewhere between one or two percent of net sales. Yet reducing existing costs is often overlooked with daily profit targets to be met. The most common difficulties are:

  • Technical facilities are complex, and technical facility management staff are thin on the ground for ongoing support. Due to the focus on day-to-day business, there is often little time for energy management issues.
  • 83% of large chain stores are rental property; making it difficult for both tenant and landlord to implement energy-saving renovation measures that pay off quickly.

Lower Your Energy Costs Now.

Save resources with Artificial Intelligence and improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Sustainability as Competitive Factor 

Climate consciousness will help you build an attractive character for your business. Sustainable, energy-efficient operating concepts are playing an increasingly important role, and customers expect sustainability measurements—and are even influencing their consumer behavior.  

Due to the highly competitive nature of retail, innovative efficiency measures can make the decisive difference: and by using Artificial Intelligence you can achieve significant savings with manageable investments. You will be saving energy and improve the indoor climate: a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Our Solution:
Reducing Energy Consumption with the help of AI

energyControl is a self-learning system that optimizes your HVAC technology, leading to a perceptible increase in personal comfort and the reduction of energy consumption by more than 20%. The smart alternative to building refurbishments or upgrade of your technical systems.

So how does it work? energyControl learns the building’s behavior through Artificial Intelligence. In addition to current building and operation data, weather forecasts, customer frequency and the retailer's specifications are also taken into account - providing a optimal control strategy for your technical systems. Updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reduced energy consumption through optimized control
  • Perceptible increase in comfort of indoor climate
  • Installation during normal business hours
  • Runs fully automated
  • Add-on solution for existing technical equipment


energyControl Is Ideal for:

Shopping Center

Department Stores

Furniture Stores

Benefits for Your Stores

Reduce Energy Consumption by More Than 20%

The retail sector has the second highest energy demand of all commercial properties. Lower your operating costs now.

Ensure a Comfortable Climate


energyControl ensures a stable, comfortable indoor climate in all sales zones. For happy customers and employees.

Avoid CO2 Emissions

One step ahead: Meet your customers' sustainability expectations. An investment in the future. 

Quick Amortisation

Due to the data-based approach, only a small investment is sufficient. The best solution for rental properties.

The retail store Breuninger in Freiburg achieved energy savings of 25% with the help of energyControl. Our joint project was honored with the EHI Energy Management Award 2020.

Learn more about the effects that AI had on Breuninger's building operations.

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