Energy Efficiency with AI for Office and Administration Buildings

Despite the high energy consumption of office buildings, pro-active energy management is rarely practiced. The biggest share of the energy demand, up to 70%, is caused by HVAC technology. Because of the lack of proper energy management, there is a huge potential for energy saving in this area.

  • 47% of all investors and users are against refurbishment due to the high investments and temporary vacancies during a construction project. A low-investment solution for energy efficiency is the way to go, which can be implemented during ongoing operation.

  • A comfortable indoor climate is paramount for workplacewell-being. Content employees means that the number of complaints for the technical service provider is reduced significantly.

Lower Your Energy Costs Now.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible with a low expenditure of time and resources.

Key Requirement:
Efficiency Measures Must Be Profitable

Two thirds of the commercial building stock were built before 1977 and hold a significant potential for renovation and improvement. As many companies become increasingly aware of the importance of energy efficiency at the workplace, they stumble at the hurdle of economic efficiency. Finding measures that reduce energy consumption and pay off during the holding period of the property—usually about ten years—makes larger scale projects, such as investments in the building envelope, difficult.

energyControl has the solution: with its data-based approach, the on-going optimization pays for itself quickly. Every day energyControl is in operation, you save money, energy and CO2 emissions. You can keep track of those savings in the energyPortal. Straightforward efficiency.

Our Solution:
Reducing Energy Consumption with the Help of AI

energyControl is a self-learning system that optimizes your HVAC technology, leading to a perceptible increase in personal comfort and the reduction of energy consumption by more than 20%. The smart alternative to building refurbishments or upgrade of your technical systems.

So how does it work? energyControl learns the building’s behavior through Artificial Intelligence. In addition to current building and operation data, weather forecasts, customer frequency and the operator's specifications are also taken into account - providing a optimal control strategy for your technical systems. Updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reduced energy consumption through optimized control
  • Perceptible increase in comfort of indoor climate
  • Installation during normal business hours
  • Runs fully automated
  • Add-on solution for existing technical equipment


Advantages for Your Office Building

Reduce energy consumption by more than 20%

Reduce operating costs. Low ancillary costs make your space more attractive for tenants.

Ensure a comfortable room climate

A stable, pleasant climate ensures happy building users - and fewer complaints.

Improve your green image

Do your bit for climate protection and improve your “green” image. Show your customers that you care!

Quick amortization

Due to the data-based approach, only a small investment is necessary. The ideal solution for rental properties.

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