Energy Efficiency for Hotel Properties

Rising energy expenditure is one of the main cost drivers in hotel real estate. At the same time, guests expect modern accommodation with the latest technical equipment and comfort. With a larger supply, the overall energy consumption of hotels increases, even if individual systems and appliances are already optimised and operated in an energy-efficient manner.

Hotel Operations Are Energy-Intensive:

  • In hotel rooms, wellness areas or conference rooms, thermal comfort is the top priority for guests.
  • The cost for energy is up to 10% of net sales - and rising.

Lower Your Energy Costs Now.

Save time and resources with artificial intelligence.


Energy Savings:
Increasingly Important as a Competitive Factor

In addition, climate protection and sustainability will soon be among the top topics in the accommodation sector. More and more guests expect CO2 awareness and make sustainability concepts a decision criterion.

Energy costs thus become a relevant competitive factor that determines how economically a hotel operates. Energy efficiency measures must always keep the well-being of the guests in mind as the top priority and ensure a stable feel-good climate.

Our Solution:
Automated Reduction of Energy Consumption

energyControl is a self-learning system that optimizes your HVAC technology, leading to a perceptible increase in personal comfort and the reduction of energy consumption by more than 20%. The smart alternative to building refurbishments or upgrade of your technical systems.

So how does it work? energyControl learns the building’s behavior through Artificial Intelligence. In addition to current building and operation data, weather forecasts, occupancy and the hotels specifications are also taken into account - providing a optimal control strategy for your technical systems. Updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reduced energy consumption through optimized control
  • Perceptible increase in comfort of indoor climate
  • Installation during normal business hours
  • Runs fully automated
  • Add-on solution for existing technical equipment


Benefits for Your Stores

Reduce Energy Consumption by More Than 20%

Due to the relatively high share of energy costs in the total costs of the hotel industry, you benefit particularly strongly.

Ensure a Comfortable Climate


A stable, comfortable room climate ensures the satisfaction of customers and guests.

Avoid CO2 Emissions

Sustainability concepts are an important criterion for hotel selection, especially for business customers.

Quick Amortisation

Rely on the low-investment alternative to building refurbishment and the modernization of technical equipment.

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