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Non-residential buildings account for a total share of about 37 percent of the final energy consumption of all buildings in Germany, although they account for only about one seventh of the building stock. Reducing the energy requirements of non-residential buildings therefore plays a major role in the success of the energy revolution.

With an innovative software solution, it is now possible to achieve an optimal indoor climate while at the same time noticeably reducing energy costs.

Non-residential buildings account for more than a quarter of Germany’s total energy consumption.

With approx. 2.7 million of them, they constitute the smallest amount in the buildings sector.

At 37%, they make a significant contribution to the overall energy consumption of buildings.

Why Do Buildings Consume Too Much Energy?

  • Building automation works purely on the basis of measured values and does not use forecasts (e.g. weather).
  • Not all available data is used to control the systems.
  • Personnel resources for the ongoing support of technical systems are scarce.
  • Controller parameters and setpoints are only set during commissioning and are no longer adjusted.
  • The interaction of different supply systems is not sufficiently taken into account.
  • Air conditioning systems can be oversized.
  • Investments in efficiency measures are expensive.

3 good reasons for more energy efficient real estate:

  • Operating costs are permanently reduced.
  • You reduce the CO2 emissions of your buildings and advance the energy revolution.
  • You invest in the climate protection factor to create a positive image. Address your green image to customers and users.

Energy efficiency

is an essential factor for the energy revolution in the buildings sector. A simple, effective add-on solution that helps you unleash the saving potential of your building.

Energy-Saving Measures to Lower Your Operating Costs…

... are often expensive and have medium to long payback periods.

To help you achieve your energy initiatives nevertheless, Recogizer has developed an innovative solution: smart algorithms that detect potential savings and help you lower your energy consumption fully automated. Using intelligent software, the investment pays off quickly and the energy efficiency measure is running itself.

... but More Importantly: Feel Good Climate In-And Outside

energyControl does not only keep an eye on the energy efficiency of the building, but at the same time sees to provide maximum comfort for everyone inside. Simply define the framework conditions for the entire building or individual climate zones, and let energyControl take care of it. The smart solution for the perfect room climate with minimum energy consumption.



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