Department Store in Freiburg: energyControl Successfully in Action


About the building:

  • Built in 1975
  • Department Store
  • Usable area for trade: 13.401 m2
  • 6 sales floors

Existing technology:

  • 2 gas boilers
  • 2 chillers
  • 4 ventilation systems in the sales areas for heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Room air technology with heat recovery
  • 17 climate zones

Energy consumption without energyControl:

  • Heating: 552,055 kWh gas
  • Ventilation: 586,077 kWh electricity
  • Cooling: 158,277 kWh electricity

Targets for energyControl:

1. Permanently reduce the energy consumption of HVAC technology.

2. Significantly improve the - individual - climate zones across all floors.

Challenge of the project:

In the past, uncomfortably high room temperatures were frequently reached across all sales zones. With temperature differences of up to 6° between floors, there has been a high number of complaints about the comfort level resulting from the room climate.


  • Energy savings of over 25% for HVAC over the period of 24 months.
  • Indoor temperature targets were met and maintained for the first time, resulting in a significant reduction of complaints.
  • Fast amortization: within 9 months, the customer’s savings had already exceeded the investments made.
  • Technical problems of the HVAC system are detected early and could be fixed before major maintenance issues occurred.
  • For the first time, the customer has full transparency regarding system operation.

Award for the project:
EHI Energy Management Award

For the innovative character of the project and considerable savings, the store in Freiburg was awarded the EHI Energiemanagent Award as a "sustainable and energy-efficient store". The award honors Recogizer as technology partner with the Top Supplier Retail 2020 award.

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