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Behind Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Buildings

Here at Recogizer (pronounced /ˈrek-ə-dʒaɪ-zəʳ/), we have two passions: Machine Learning and being environmentally friendly. We seek to push boundaries in self-learning building solutions to help everyone do their share for a better future by reducing energy consumption and cutting CO2 emissions. We think acting climate-friendly doesn’t mean extra effort - in fact, AI can do the work for you! That’s why we have developed energyControl, because making conscious choices should benefit you as well as the climate.

Smart Climate Control: GreenTech for a Green Future

Do you aim to be more climate-conscious, but not sure where to start? Start with us! Saving energy could not be simpler. As a GreenTech company, we are committed to climate protection and use our know-how, as well as state-of-the-art technologies to permanently cut CO2 emissions.
Utilizing our digital innovations, we know we can make a real difference, and share this opportunity with our customers as well - for a smarter, cleaner and greener future.

Diversity is our Strength

We are pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence in building automation by merging engineering sciences and IT in a unique way. Our team consists of computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers; united by an innovative mindset.
Customers and partners range from companies in building automation, industry, trade to the energy sector. Together with these strategic partners, we are a leading force in the market.


Our Partner Network

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"Artificial intelligence conquers the market of automation technology, and sets new standards in the efficient operation of buildings."

Oliver Habisch
Managing Director

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The Recogizer Management

Oliver Habisch

Managing Director Technology & Operations

Carsten Kreutze

Managing Director Marketing & Sales


Dr. Jens Kahlen

Lead Solution Design

Oliver Habisch is a visionary pioneer of the innovative business concept. The experienced digitization expert is responsible for technology development and leads the interdisciplinary team. He combines creativity and profound technological knowledge to innovative business models based on artificial intelligence.

Carsten Kreutze is a passionate business economist and heads marketing, sales and finance at Recogizer. He combines his extensive experience in business development, product development and strategic marketing with a strong customer focus and growth orientation.

Jens Kahlen holds a doctorate in engineering and is an expert in the analysis, modelling and simulation of thermodynamic and chemical processes. He has many years of experience in industrial process optimization. With his team he is the interface between our customers and Data Science, and tailors the solutions exactly to customer requirements.

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