Great Climate Goals for Real Estate by 2045

The challenges for achieving the climate golas for buildings are great. Climate neutrality in Germany very recently was set to be achieved by 2045. As buildings account for 30% of CO2 emissions, they offer a considerable savings potential. In order for CO2 emissions from real estate to drop to zero by 2045, they must be reduced almost by half as early as 2030. Time pressure is heating up.

Now, how can we achieve this ambitious target? On the way to a climate-neutral building stock, a bundle of concrete sustainability measures is needed. We believe that climate-friendly technologies will be essential in helping to implement the ambitious targets on your path to climate-neutral real estate.

Recogizer's climate protection initiative supports you on your path to climate-neutral real estate.

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Nachhaltigkeit - Green Buildings

Climate protection program
100 green buildings

Contribution to climate protection by buildings needs to gain momentum now. In order to achieve the greatest possible climate impact, mature digital technologies must to be deployed across the board as soon as possible. Therefore Recogizer initiated the program "100 Green Buildings"  to operate buildings in a greener and more sustainable way.

  • Together with selected customers, we are equipping 100 buildings with our innovative GreenTech solution.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from HVAC systems by 15-30%, year after year.
  • We help to realize your ESG strategy and achieve climate goals by putting your real estate on a successful decarbonization path.
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Reduzierung der CO₂-Emissionen

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